Welcome to Create Good Mornings. I’m Craig, arguably one of the worst at drawing in the world…

I write for impact and draw for humour (yours and mine).

Besides that, you may be surprised to know that I am  NOT naturally a “morning person”.

I made the conscious decision to become one in 2012 after seeing how morning habits were having a positive impact in my life. Not just in terms of how much more I got done, but how much less stress I had, how much more fulfilled I felt, and how every morning started to set me up for a more meaningful day.

Through this blog, I share my experiences and what I’ve learned over the years of obsessing and experimenting with morning routines, productivity, meditation and self-awareness. I aim for my work to be mindful, authentic, and impactful.

My mission is to deliver thought-provoking and action-oriented content that will provide you the motivation, tools, and resources, to create your own good mornings too.

Every morning. Not just the ones when most things in your life are going according to plan. Or the ones when you have breakfast in bed (though, does anyone really like that? Have you ever tried eating pancakes in bed? It’s awkward. And syrup on your sheets isn’t worth it…)

Good mornings doesn’t mean “always happy”, “cheery” or “problem-free”. It means intentional, worthwhile, effective, satisfying, and calm.

Good mornings lead to meaningful days. Meaningful days lead to a fulfilling life.

Let’s make every morning count.

My Story

craig-create good morningsI  wrote a very personal post which will give you a better idea of why I decided to put myself out there and create this blog.

A few unrelated random facts about me:

  • I’ve played ALOT of ultimate frisbee in my life. It was my obsession until an injury forced me to stop in 2012
  • Now I play disc golf and darts… (I like throwing games)
  • I have a strange love for maps, always have.
  • Cashews are my favourite nut, pistachios a close second.
  • I grew up in the coldest city in the world with a population above 600,000 people… Winnipeg
  • I lived in Seoul, Korea for 4 years where I taught English, spoke mostly coherent Korean, and rode a not-so-cool looking 125 cc motorbike. I miss Korean food more, soju less.
  • I can make a louder clicking sound with my tongue than anyone I’ve met. Try me…
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