I'll be less awkward with my left arm in person. Promise.

Do you have a podcast that aligns with making the most of the morning, get stuff done, to strive for big goals, sloooooooooow down, and be a better human?

Are you looking for a speaker to talk, chit-chat, or present about productivity, mindfulness or habits in a somewhat professional context? (I don’t wear a suit and I may showcase stick figures that a 7 year old could draw better…)

Contact me and let’s talk!

As much as I enjoy writing, I love the connection of conversations (why podcasts are awesome), and speaking with an audience.

Past Speaking Engagements


Topics: why a blog about mornings, living unconventionally, entrepreneurship, morning routines, personal development, journaling, strategies to customize your routine, 10-year plan exercise, small talk, book recommendations

Topics: tracking your current morning routine, customizing your routine, lack of time, gratitude, burnout, habit tracking, accountability, evening routines, sleep, prize giveaways.


Topics: meditation, meditation retreats, labeling thoughts, anxiety, morning focus, morning productivity, habit building.

Topics: habits, creating your own good morning, evening rituals, mornings as a parent, mornings while travelling, living with intention, habit tracking

Topics: morning routines, self awareness, starting a blog, coming out (in Korea), LGBTQ acceptance, facing insecurities and fears.

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