Do you love winning things?

Well, I love giving away things!

Say hello to:

  • Monthly prize give-aways! AND
  • 2 BIIIIIIIIG prizes in 2018 

And, the best part…

No Manipulation to Enter

You know what annoys me about online contests these days? When you get asked to share on Facebook or tweet about it so that instead of getting 1 ballot, you get 10 ballots. Every time that happens, I think:

‘Screw you, I’ll share if I want to share’, followed by…

‘I’m not going to enter your stupid contest because if I don’t share, I have such a small chance of winning…’

Well, you won’t find that here. Share if you want. Or don’t. Up to you. I’m not going to use manipulative marketing to get you to recruit others to sign up for this blog.

I want to give away prizes to people who:

  1. Want to be here – so you must be a subscriber of Create Good Mornings
  2. REALLY want to be here – people who open the emails, get value and take action. As a qualifier, prize winners must have opened a Create Good Mornings email in the past 6 weeks. (If you aren’t seeing the emails, check your spam or ‘promotions’ folder and either drag them into your inbox or reply to one of them. If that fails, please contact me).

Monthly Give-Aways

On the 7th of every month I give away copies of awesome books on productivity, habits, personal development or doing creative work.

Prizes and Winners

Month Book Author Winner
November Deep Work Cal Newport Louann R – Greenwich, USA
Ebony C – Tampa, USA
December Real Artists Don’t Starve Jeff Goins

BIG Prizes for 2018!

A large part of this blog is about helping people like you make change. Small changes, big changes, and everything in between.

I’ve got two prizes that I think could create a big change in your life. Not necessarily like an “I SEE THE LIGHT!” type of moment, but two events that may shift your perspective in ways that neither of us can yet imagine. These events had a big impact on me over the past year.

BIG Prize #1Win a $697 Ticket to The World Domination Summit!

Come join me at my favourite event in the world – the World Domination Summit happening from June 28-July 2, 2018 in Portland.

What’s it about?

1000+ people who want to make a positive impact in the world gather for a week of connecting, learning and letting loose. It’s inspiring, exciting and a TON of fun. “An unconventional week for unconventional thinkers” as the event slogan goes. Plus, the parties are INCREDIBLE- think snow machines and a Bollywood DJ in a warehouse.

How to Enter the Contest

Fill out a contest entry form telling me:

  1. What your mornings were like before reading Create Good Mornings, and what your mornings are like now.
  2. Why you want to go to WDS

I’ll select top entries based on:

  • Most interesting changes (25%) – it doesn’t have to be the biggest change so enter even if you made small tweaks. Plus, this is only 25% of the decision…
  • Strongest reasons for wanting to go to the World Domination Summit (75%) – I want to ensure this prize goes to someone who truly wants to be at WDS and will get the most out of the event.

On May 7, 2018, there will be one winner drawn randomly from up to 20 people that meet the criteria.

BIG Prize #2Win a $599 Premium Ticket to Tribe Conference!

This contest is for writers and aspiring writers, because that’s who Tribe Conference is for. This event, held just outside Nashville, Tennessee on October 26-28, 2018 helps writers build their platform through community building, outstanding speakers, and “master-minding”.  After the conference this year, my brain was on overdrive with creative ideas to advance forward this blog. I’d love to see this happen for someone else too.

Watch the video of the event to get a sense of what it’s about. (Fun fact: I somehow made it into the video 3 times. My longest cameo is at 1:31…)

How to Enter the Contest

  1. Write a blog post, medium post or Facebook post that’s 300 words plus about:
    • Why you want to be a writer
    • Why you want to go to Tribe Conference
  2. In your article, you must link to the homepage or any article on the site. (Have fun and be creative with how you tie this in)
  3. Fill out the contest entry form
  4. Optional – Post on Twitter or Facebook with #creategoodmorningswriters – Up to you if you’d like to share

I’ll select top entries based on:

  • Content (25%) – Showing what you got, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be the best writer. As I’m learning myself, that comes with practice and time.
  • Creativity (25%) – Showing your creativity in how you communicate your thoughts, ideas and message.
  • Your Why (50%) – Telling why you want to be there and what impact it could have on you. This is most important.

On Sept 7, 2018, there will be one winner drawn randomly from up to 20 people that meet the criteria.

If you have any questions, shoot me a message.

Yay for prizes! Win or not, thanks for being here.

“You either win or you learn, you never lose”- Something I overheard when my partner’s mom was watching The Voice…

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