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Simply put, as a subscriber of this blog you have the chance to win books on the topics of productivity, habits, personal development, mindfulness or doing creative work. Sometimes, these are even copies signed by the author.

Why? One of my favourite and most fruitful morning rituals is reading ~20 pages per week-day. It’s usually what gets me excited to crawl out of bed, especially on days when all I want to do is hit snooze 9 times.

In 2017, I read 23 books (!!!? – it still amazes me)

In the past decade before that, I don’t think I even read that many…All from a simple morning ritual that started with reading 5-10 pages per day.

Reading is one of the best ways to learn, but it’s a habit that is easy for us to put off in favor of picking up our phones, watching Netflix, or doing more work.

On the 7th of every month, at least one subscriber of Create Good Mornings will win a book giveaway.

This Month’s Book: Your Creative Career by Anna Sabino (SIGNED!)

Anna Sabino is an artist that turned her passion for glass blowing into a successful New York jewelery businesses that gives her the freedom to live life on her own terms. In Your Creative Career, Anna combines her experiences, stories from others, and practical tips for creatives to launch their own career or business.

What I like most about this book is how well-referenced it is – on top of Anna’s experience you also get examples from others’ work like Chris Gullibeau, Tim Ferriss, Elizabeth Gilbert and Adam Grant. There are also some really useful journaling prompts to apply what you learn and reflect on how to make your business work in your life.

Past Prizes and Winners

Month Book Author  Winner
February  (2018) Soulful Simplicity Courtney Carver Michelle C, Chicago, USA, Bibi M, Germany
January (2018) Tools of Titans (SIGNED!) Timothy Ferriss Glenn R
December (2017) Real Artists Don’t Starve (SIGNED!) Jeff Goins Denise M – Los Angeles, USA
November (2017) Deep Work Cal Newport Louann R – Greenwich, USA, Ebony C – Tampa, USA

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I want to give away books to people who:

  1. Want to be here – so you must be a subscriber of Create Good Mornings
  2. REALLY want to be here – people who open the emails, get value and take action. As a qualifier, prize winners must have opened a Create Good Mornings email in the past 6 weeks. (If you aren’t seeing the emails, check your spam or ‘promotions’ folder and either drag them into your inbox or reply to one of them. If that fails, please contact me).

Books, aren’t all you can win…I’m also giving away two big gifts in 2018!

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